Cape Flats author ‘gives the people what they want’ as he completes third book

Cape Flats author ‘gives the people what they want’ as he completes third book

A popular Cape Flats author who captivates readers with memories of yesteryear has brought residents something to smile about yet again as he announces the completion of his third book.

Yusuf Daniels, from Kenwyn, has a way of bringing back fond memories most coloured people can resonate with through his colourful stories.

Daniels, a father of three, started writing on Facebook what he saw while waiting his turn at an acupuncturist’s office, and it instantly became a hit.

Enticing his readers with a few more copies, Daniels said that, unbeknownst to him, a friend had sent three of his stories to three publishing companies, all of which got back to him.

He signed a deal days later with one company.

Now, a best seller of two books – as rated by Exclusive Books where the books are on sale, “Living Coloured (because black and white were already taken)” and “Living Lekka (from Mitchells Plain to aeroplane)” – Daniels has confirmed to African News Agency (ANA) that his third book is done.

The book, titled “Living The Hustle (Dala (do) what you must)“ has been much anticipated by Daniels’s social media following.

His Facebook page Living Lekka has more than 59 000 followers.

“The support from people on the Facebook page is phenomenal and I am pushing for bestseller status again (for this book),” he said.

Daniels’s stories in his books come from a real place, his life. While he brings all characters to life, his descriptions and colloquial language have many on the edge of their seats and in stitches, as they have gone through the same battles while growing up on the Cape Flats.

Yusuf Daniels’s first book, “Living Coloured”, is a bestseller. Photo: supplied

He brings about traditional experiences most coloured people can relate to in both a serious and comical way.

His descriptions allow one to picture the exact moment, whether it was stuffing his face during Ramadaan with his two best friends or running his first-ever marathon and actually winning.

Or describing his first-ever experience with apartheid police who chased them from a beach because it was “whites only”.

Speaking to ANA, Daniels said book three was anything but easy.

“This book was not easy at all, with my mother passing on December 29, 2020, it slowed me down. But I pushed forward as I know this is what my mother would have wanted,” he said.

Daniels described his feelings of the completed book as relief and a sense of achievement.

He said book three is basically at a point in his life when he lost everything and for seven years was hustling to put food on the table.

“I share very heavy stories in this book. In three of the stories I nearly lost my life. I still show the funny side of it all. The book is lekker taatie (consists of craziness) again but there are a lot of messages in every story,” Daniels told ANA.

Book two, “Living Lekker” was launched in June last year and also became a bestseller. Photo: supplied

When Daniels is not writing, he hosts writing workshops in communities and just received the best news.

“I have been pushing to host workshops at high schools. I just got confirmation for two workshops for schools.

“I am now thinking of schools where I can host these workshops and thinking I might take it back to where it all started for me (my schools),” he said.

While his official book launch will only be held in July, Daniels has not stopped.

He has confirmed to ANA that he has already started on book four, “Living With Dragons” (he regularly refers to his children as dragons).

“I already wrote five stories for book four. Book five is also in the works; however, this will be a fictional book. I have written a few stories for this one.

“It is something that happened to me and I want a movie to be made from this book. The aim is to write it for a movie script,” Daniels said.

Book four is expected to be launched in December.

“All the requests I received and I decided to give the people what they want. I am here to inspire and I am a story in itself,” he added.

Pre-orders for books have already been rolling in.

African News Agency (ANA)