Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet revealed by Juventus team-mate who confirms he drinks ‘litres of water and NO Coca-Cola’

Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet revealed by Juventus team-mate who confirms he drinks ‘litres of water and NO Coca-Cola’

JUVENTUS star Daouda Peeters has confirmed Cristiano Ronaldo’s strict diet, claiming he quaffs ‘litres of water.. and no Coca-Cola’.

Prior to Portugal’s Euro 2020 opener against Hungary, the legendary forward, 36, sparked a fierce sponsorship row.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus team-mate Daouda Peeters has confirmed the Portugal star drinks ‘litres of water and no Coke’[/caption]

Ronaldo caused a stir after removing two Coca-Cola bottles at a press conference early at Euro 2020

Daouda Peeters has lifted the lid on Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet – including his Coca-Cola ban[/caption]

After walking into the room, Ronaldo removed two Coca-Cola bottles from a press conference table before loudly urging fans to ‘drink water’.

Other players followed suit – with Paul Pogba taking a Heineken bottle off his table – forcing Uefa to warn teams not to block sponsors’ products or risk punishment.

And now, Juventus youngster Peeters, 22, has confirmed Ronaldo drinks litres of water and doesn’t touch fizzy drinks as part of his extraordinary diet and fitness regime.

Peeters told HLN: “Cristiano always eats the same thing: broccoli, chicken and rice.

“With litres of water, and no Coke, of course…

“He does not do those abdominal exercises out of vanity, but because he sees his body as an instrument for work.

“It is not the case that Cristiano stands in front of the mirror during those hours – he would not have time for that.

“When he is at the club, it’s mainly for training. He really lives for his job.”


Peeters continued: “I went to the gym a few times, and Cristiano was there.

“I was impressed, he has the perfect body to be a football player.

“Although I’m also quite developed, that day I thought: ‘There’s still work to do’.

“He’s been doing this for many years.”

Peeters also lifted the lid on Ronaldo’s competitive streak – and how it rubs off on his team-mates.

The Belgium Under-21 ace added: “He’s someone who always wants to win at everything.

“Even when he came across me, even though he didn’t know me very well at the time, he managed to get the most out of me.

“He’s someone who makes young players grow, makes you feel involved, which is a very good feature.”

Peeters went on to say Ronaldo might be competitive and focused, but called him a ‘nice person’.

The Juve star said: “Ronaldo is a very nice person, he is not arrogant at all.

“At the same time, he manages to take football very seriously.

“On the bus he doesn’t talk about anything.”

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