Dr. Jessica is committed to transforming lives through ‘More Than Meatless Mondays’

But this is not the case for Dr. Jessica; she has been through lots of ups and downs throughout her career but still manages to find a way to fulfil her dreams through serving others.

Dr. Jessica worked as a certified Occupational Therapist for two decades. She has enjoyed an extensive dynamic professional background coupled with her enthusiasm for working with people who have special needs. This helped her accomplish her work effectively despite working with persons of different ages and abilities. However, her career was cut short after being diagnosed with significant illnesses sending her into early retirement. She could no longer practice as a therapist, and briefly, all seemed lost.

Still active and energetic, Jessica decided to channel all her efforts into a new venture. She began creating recipes, food blogging, and food photography while still learning everything to do with food preparation. Jessica was very picky about eating meat when she was a young child. This has continued her entire life, and she has always been looking for healthy and filling foods besides peanut butter sandwiches. While in college, she would collect meatless meals recipes from magazines and books. She loved baking and often incorporated culinary arts into therapy sessions. Jessica has also studied foods from different perspectives; as a consumer, clinician, culinary student, and food content creator. Therefore, it was easy for her to choose this path, now that she could not continue practicing as a therapist.

Dr. Jessica’s recipes are versatile, and most people who are looking for ways to incorporate meatless meals into their weekly plans love sharing them. What’s inspiring is that she started this new course while being bedridden. Her objective is to introduce a new culture where meatless meals can be eaten more frequently than simply on ‘Meatless Monday’. Her website ‘morethanmeatlessmonday.com’ is a resourceful tool for anyone who seeks to learn about meatless meals recipes and ways of preparing them. It does not matter whether you are a vegetarian or simply seeking to reduce your meat intake; you will definitely be impressed with her delicious meals and you will not miss the meat.

Since the start of her new career, Jessica has made several media appearances, launched a successful blog, established a successful business where she has hosted numerous cooking classes, among many other achievements. Jessica has also contributed to Dr. OZ’s blog and sharecare.org website publishing several articles.

Some of her media appearances include Long Island’s oldest radio show, WGBB, Sirius XM’s The Doctor show, Emmy award-winning daytime show, The Katie Couric Show, and is a frequent guest on Today Show’s Lifestyle.  

Though doing extremely well in the new venture, Jessica’s main challenge has been her health. She has had to put up with fatigue, weight loss, muscle contractions, and intense fevers. Her strong faith has been crucial in overcoming the illnesses, and finds inspiration in her food blog and her online community that keeps her engaged.Moving forward, Jessica aspires to produce a cookbook, a cooking show, and line of cookware. Her advice is that you should not overthink the process. Instead, get started with what you have.

Source: thesouthafrican.com