Eagleview Restaurant Will Serve Organic Food From Local Farmers

Eagleview Restaurant Will Serve Organic Food From Local Farmers

A new restaurant in Eagleview Town Center will work with local farmers and vendors to serve foods that support health and wellness.

Good Life Organic Kitchen has opened right next to a sushi restaurant in the Eagleview Town Center, with a soft opening this week, a grand opening on Saturday, and full hours after that.

In 2018 in Berks County founder Conor Delaney began to work with local farmers and vendors as part of Good Life Financial Advisors. The concept grew out of that work and Good Life Organic Kitchen was born; its first stand-alone location opened in Lancaster.

Abigail and Tom Scogna, of Downingtown, followed the success of the company from the ground up, seeing a need for more of the health and wellness concept in Chester County — before the pandemic hit last year.

“Starting a business during COVID-19 especially in the early stages when we didn’t know what was going to happen, was scary, and still is, but we knew that this was a way to bring positivity, support, health, and wellness into a dark time and to people who were craving just that,” said Abigail Scogna.

“We also found that by starting this business, we could support many local farms and vendors, we could create jobs, and we could provide nutritious food to people who, because of the COVID-19 scare and just wanting to eat food healthy food, want to have great options for their lifestyle,” Abigail added.

Good Life Organic Kitchen is now a franchise organization rapidly growing throughout the United States. All Good Life Organic Kitchen locations source local, fresh, organic ingredients, while supporting other local businesses.

“This is food you not only feel good about eating, you feel good about supporting other local businesses as well,” said Eric Meyer, CEO of GoodLife Organic Kitchen.

“Food was always an important part of our family. We both come from large families who tend to gather around the kitchen or dinner table. We have found a way to continue to love food and how it plays a role in our family and life but have embraced healthier options and invested in long term health and nutrition,” Abigail Scogna said.

She added, “Our sense of family extends to those not actually related to us. We want to bring this knowledge, these options to Chester County, to our friends and family.”

The Good Life Organic Kitchen menu is made entirely from scratch using ingredients from local vendors and providers. The Eagleview store is supplied by Malvern Buttery and Green Lion Breads, among others. Their menu can be viewed here.

Good Life Organic Kitchen is already open in Eagleview Town Center at 559 Wellington Square, right next to the popular sushi restaurant, Bluefin Eagleview.

This week the store’s soft opening happens as it trains employees and tweaks its menu. The grand opening event is Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Regular hours of operations will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The corporate office said Good Life Organic Kitchen is pleased to extend its brand and open in Exton. “Tom and Abby exemplify all the qualities we seek in our franchisee-partners. They are passionate about offering fresh locally sourced foods to their entire community, have strong business acumen, and believe that lives can change through proper nutrition,” a news release from the headquarters said.

Guests can download a mobile app available on iOS and Samsung devices to view menus, promotions, and order non-contact take-out and delivery, a news release said.

Source: https://patch.com/pennsylvania/westchester/eagleview-restaurant-will-serve-organic-food-local-farmers

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