EastEnders fans heartbroken for Tiffany as she discovers Keegan’s crushing betrayal

EastEnders fans heartbroken for Tiffany as she discovers Keegan’s crushing betrayal

EASTENDERS fans were left heartbroken for Tiffany Butcher-Baker as she discovered her husband Keegan’s crushing betrayal. 

Keegan cheated on Tiffany with Dotty earlier this month while his wife was rushed into hospital after developing an infection from her plastic surgery. 


Tiffany found out Keegan had cheated on her on tonight’s EastEnders[/caption]

After Dotty found Tiffany unconscious and called an ambulance, Keegan lied to his wife about his whereabouts.

Tonight, Vinny attempted to flirt with an unimpressed Dotty and told her about his idea for a tech booth in the launderette. 

Meanwhile, Keegan told his father Mitch about his one-night stand with Dotty and was advised that honesty is the best policy. 

But when he called at Ruby’s to tell Dotty he was going to come clean, she quickly changed his mind by making clear they’d lose Tiffany and Vinny forever. 


Keegan did the dirty on poor Tiff[/caption]

Viewers then saw Vinny earwigging outside the door as he listened in horror to Dotty recounting her evening with Keegan.

Later, Keegan waited at home with a surprise candlelit dinner for Tiffany in an attempt to make things up to her. 

But disaster struck when Tiffany stumbled into Vinny. 

“Where’s keegan?” he asked.

“He’s got a bit of a surprise for me, apparently,” Tiffany said.

“I bet he has,” Vinny sneered.

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When a baffled Tiffany asked for clarification, Vinny said: “He cheated. He cheated on you with dotty.”

EastEnders fans were left heartbroken for Tiffany.

One said: “Feel so sorry for Tiffany she’s so shocked that Keegan could do that…. & Vinny is heartbroken.”

Another added: “Poor tiffany yikes!”

A third replied: “Oh Tiffany! You poor thing :(.”

Viewers were horrified by Keegan and Dotty’s shock romp earlier this month. 

Viewers watched Keegan turn up at the club to collect his wages from Dotty and have a go at her for discarding Vinny after sleeping with him. 

But things quickly escalated when Dotty looked Keegan straight in the eye and said: “Trust me he had a good time. It’s just sex.


Vinny told Tiffany what Keegan had done[/caption]

“It doesn’t have to mean anything.”

Keegan turned to leave and Dotty said: “Yeah you better get home for another row with Tiff. Or you can stay and have a drink with me.” 

Tiffany was then shown ringing Keegan and apologising profusely for supplying Bernie with diet pills.

Clutching her swollen cheek, she told Keegan she wasn’t feeling great and begged him to come home. 

But as she curled up on the sofa and began to shake, viewers saw Keegan pounce on Dotty and initiate a passionate kiss, before pulling her to the sofa.

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