Hemp cream is the dream! Here’s what you should know

Over the last few years, it has been almost impossible to avoid the overload of hemp information and its list of potential health benefits. A growing number of people include hemp supplements in their diet and skincare routines in order to experience the natural benefits of the plant for themselves.

Hemp creams are one of the most common ways to use hemp topical products and provide many of the health benefits that are often associated with hemp oil. Hemp-infused creams and topicals offer the dream solution for those keen to try hemp supplements but are unsure about many traditional methods such as oils and capsules.

What is Hemp Cream?

Hemp cream is a type of hemp-infused topical that combines the health benefits linked to hemp plants with the moisturising effects of regular creams. Brands like Premium Jane, which specialise in hemp products, offer a range of different hemp creams designed to be used just like traditional skin creams.

One of the reasons that hemp creams have become so popular is because they can be used in place of traditional creams. As hemp products become ever more popular, the range of hemp creams on the market has grown significantly. It is now possible to find many different types of hemp cream, including the face, eye, hand, body, and feet creams.

The Benefits of Hemp Cream?

Hemp topicals provide many of the same benefits as other hemp products, including pain relief and mentally calming effects. The main difference between hemp topicals and other hemp products is that their effects are localised rather than affecting the entire body.

Since topicals provide localised effects, they can be especially useful when looking to treat particular ailments. Hemp creams are recommended for treating surface-level aches and pains around joints and muscles.

Hemp creams are able to take effect much faster than other hemp products as they are applied directly to the problematic area and require less time to be processed by the body.

Another widespread use of CBD creams is the treatment of skin irritations and blemishes. The cannabinoids found within hemp plants have natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce blemishes on the skin.

Hemp creams also contain a rich blend of oils and minerals, which can help keep skin looking and feel hydrated and healthy. Hemp-infused beauty creams are becoming increasingly popular, combining regular moisturisers’ benefits with the benefits linked to hemp plants.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hemp Cream

Hemp-infused creams are increasingly being considered mainstream skincare and beauty products and, as a result, can be found in most pharmacies and beauty stores. Not all hemp creams offer the same quality, though, and their effectiveness can vary. Fortunately, by following a few simple steps, you can easily spot the best hemp creams that are worth trying from those that are not.

A good place to start when comparing different hemp creams is the ingredients list. It is always best to opt for creams made with 100% natural ingredients, like those sold by Premium Jane. These creams provide a more decadent combination of essential oils and minerals.

It is becoming common practice for brands to provide full lab reports for their hemp products, which can help see even more detail about what goes into their creams.

Within these reports, you can access information such as the type of hemp, its compound breakdown, and how much hemp is used. These reports also ensure that the product has met certain quality standards.

In order to ensure that you always get the most out of the hemp creams you purchase, it is best to choose products you know you will actually use.

For example, purchasing a hemp-infused eye cream is more likely to be effective if you are someone who already uses eye cream on a regular basis. Stick with hemp creams that can be used in place of products that you already use rather than trying to add extra steps to your skincare routine.

Should You Try Hemp Cream, And is it a Dream Product?

Hemp-infused creams can be an excellent way to experience the benefits that have been linked to hemp plants. It is worth being aware that hemp creams will not provide the full-body generalised effects that occur with products like capsules and oils. Hemp creams work best when used for localised issues and can be applied directly to the area.

There are many different types of hemp cream to choose from, which makes them extremely easy to add to your day without making any significant adjustments. Swapping out your regular face cream for one that is infused with hemp is a simple yet effective way to introduce hemp to your skincare routine. 

Source: thesouthafrican.com