Is the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity dead?

Is the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity dead?

A recent editorial by NIH researcher Kevin Hall claims CIM is dead. And Dr. ted Naiman tweeted that he agreed. But how doe this conclusion fit with the research from Dr. David Ludwig and the books by journalist Gary Taubes? Could it be that carbs and insulin are still vital to the concept of weight gain and loss, even if the full CIM may not apply? And how string I the research for and against CIM? We address these questions in this video with a bonus interview with Dr. Ted Naiman at the end.

Table of content:
0:00 Dr. Bret Scher on the recent CIM claim
7:03 Interview with Ted Naiman, MD
23:44 Closing by Dr. Bret Scher

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