James ‘Arg’ Argent gets Covid vaccine after 26st weight puts him in ‘high-risk’ category

James ‘Arg’ Argent gets Covid vaccine after 26st weight puts him in ‘high-risk’ category

JAMES ‘Arg’ Argent today went and got his Covid vaccine after his weight gain put him in the “high-risk” category.

The 33-year-old, who recently tipped the scales at 26 stone, has been open about struggling to keep his weight under control in lockdown.

Louis Wood – The Sun

James ‘Arg’ Argent has received his Covid vaccine (seen here in January)[/caption]

The former Towie star is in a priority group due to being severely overweight and asthmatic.

It comes after he previously said he could be in “serious trouble” if he caught the deadly virus. 

James was today spotted arriving to his appointment on his blue Vespa.  

The vaccine roll out last week moved onto the next phase, with over-65s and younger people with underlying health conditions in England being offered the vaccine.

Louis Wood – The Sun

James has been trying to overhaul his lifestyle after he piled on the pounds[/caption]

A BMI of 40 or above and severe asthma make patients eligible for a vaccine.

Last month, Arg told of his hopes to get gastric surgery to save his life after a doctor urged him to do something about his weight on Loose Women.

He said: “I spoke to my doctor on the phone numerous amounts of times and even though I had lost weight at the start of the year, I was always considering weight loss surgery.

“My doctor said the weight I am right now, 26 stone, that is danger territory. My mum and my dad both suffer from heart problems and my dad has got a pacemaker so there could be serious implications for my heart.


James now tips the scales at 26 stone[/caption]

“People even say to me, with my weight as it is at the moment, if I catch Covid, I could be one of the people that could be in serious trouble.’

“It is difficult as it is intense and serious. It’s nothing to be taken lightly. I know that if I just work hard then I can do it. It’s just about maintaining it. I’ve always struggled finding a happy medium.

“I believe from the research I’ve done, it can potentially really help me in terms of portion control. It’ll help me long-term. Health is number one.


The star said he was worried about the health implications of his weight[/caption]

“I’m rotating three different clothes as that’s all that fits me at the moment. All my friends and family haven’t said it’s too drastic – I think I have to go for it.”

James’ best friend Mark Wright has been supporting him with his fitness journey, with the star saying his mate is “seriously concerned”.

He concluded: “I feel once I’ve got my weight sorted, sky is the limit for me. Once I tackle this, I’ve got a real positive future ahead of me.”

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