Local celebs celebrate Father’s Day with their new bundles of joy

Local celebs celebrate Father’s Day with their new bundles of joy

Celebration is in the air this Father’s Day as local celeb families are celebrating with their newest addition to the family: a little bundle of joy.

Rushda Moosajee, founder and chief executive of the RushTush brand and her husband, Ismael Ebrahim welcomed baby Ramzi to the world four months ago. This year will be their first Father’s Day as a family of five. The Moosajee’s have two more sons named Haydar,4, and Malik,1.

Rushda’s loves how her husband makes parenting look effortless.

“He was born to be a dad. No one can get the boys out of the house faster, and he changes a nappy faster than I ever could,” she said.

Ebrahim is the founder and director of the Mabel Group.

He said hearing his sons yell, ‘Daddy!’ when he gets home from work as they run towards his open arms swells his heart with happiness.

He added: “The most rewarding thing about being a dad is looking into my boys’ eyes and knowing and feeling sincerely and unconditionally loved by my kids.”

Rushda’s fondest memory of her husband being a dad was shortly after having had their eldest son, Haydar.

“He came home, grabbed a wash bucket and took it to the balcony. I asked what he was doing. He said, ‘I want to bath Haydar!’ I remember telling him that we have a baby bath and a bathroom.”

Ebrahim said every day feels like Father’s Day.

“I wake up to Malik smacking me and jumping on my head trying to reach Ramzi. Ramzi then starts talking baby language because he wants to get in bed, and then Haydar wakes up and wants in on the action. I am looking forward to our morning royal rumble.”

Rushda looks forward to spending the day with her family, filled with lots of spoils for her husband.

TV journalist couple Robin Adams and his wife Lee-Anne welcomed their baby girl Ayla Grace into the world only eight weeks ago. Ayla was born prematurely at 28 weeks on April 25 and weighed only 650 grams and will remain in hospital until she reaches a weight of 1.8kg. She currently weighs 1.3 kg.

Robin has three children from his previous marriage. The three additional members of the Adams tribe are named Alyssa, 18, Kendall, 13 and Jess, 10.

Robin Adams pictured with Alyssa, Jesse and Kendall

Lee-Anne said Robin only saw Ayla briefly after her birth.

“After only seeing her for a minute or two that day, Robin has not been able to see her in person – due to Covid-19 protocols. My fondest memory is of him jumping up to see her before she was taken to the Neonatal ICU.”

Robin said he loves being a dad.

“It is the most significant title in my life, and I aspire to be the best dad. Every day I work towards being a better parent, and I cherish the time I spend with them,” he said.

He added: “There is no greater joy than seeing the smiles on my kid’s faces, and knowing that they are happy.”

Robin is looking forward to spending quality time with his children, starting with koeksisters in the morning followed by a video call with baby Ayla.

“I am looking forward to cooking lunch for my family. I still need to plan a fancy menu, but it will be home-cooked, and soulful.”

Lee-Anne said that she would have loved for him to spend the day with all four of his children.

“He has already received some of his Father’s Day spoils from me; including customised clothing – a T-shirt for him and a onesie for Ayla – to wear on the day she leaves the hospital. More spoils are in store for daddy Adams after I return from visiting our Ayla on Father’s Day. “

Lee-Anne visits baby Ayla in hospital every day. Picture: Supplied