Low carb and visual health – Diet Doctor Podcast with Dr. Ana Lorenzo

Low carb and visual health – Diet Doctor Podcast with Dr. Ana Lorenzo

They say “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Well, literally speaking, the eyes are also the window to our blood vessels. And Dr. Ana Lorenzo takes advantage of that fact to help diagnose and treat people with type 2 diabetes.

It may seem strange for an eye doctor to treat diabetes, but Dr. Lorenzo is passionate about helping her patients. She doesn’t let traditional job descriptions get in her way.

She shares some valuable lessons about screening for and treating the eye disease that often accompanies diabetes. Plus, she shares how her journey has taught her more about metabolic health than medical school did.

Living in Mexico City, Dr. Lorenzo has a native understanding of how important food is in the Mexican culture and how that can present barriers to adopting low-carb lifestyles. She shares tips that are sure to help all lovers of Mexican food stay low carb!

0:00 Introduction
1:53 Welcome, Dr. Ana Lorenzo
2:41 How Ana became an opthomologist
4:59 Detecting diabetes by looking into somebody’s eyes
7:28 Developing symptoms for diabetic retinopathy
10:44 Can you reverse diabetic retinopathy?
14:26 Ana’s journey to low-carb nutrition
20:32 Transitioning to treating patients with low carb
25:49 Challenges in the Mexican culture
33:47 Nutritional interventions for diabetic retinopathy
38:28 Being an advocate for your own health
40:47 Where to find Dr. Ana Lorenzo

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