Nadia Sawalha mocks Kim Kardashian again as she strips down to her underwear and a fishnet catsuit

Nadia Sawalha mocks Kim Kardashian again as she strips down to her underwear and a fishnet catsuit

NADIA Sawalha has stripped off to her underwear and a black fishnet catsuit to mock Kim Kardashian again.

The Loose Women star, 56, has poked fun at Kim’s SKIMS shapewear brand by recording a fake ad at home.

Nadia Sawalha has recorded a video mocking Kim Kardashian[/caption]

The Loose Women star stripped to her bra, knickers and a fishnet catsuit[/caption]

Nadia was poking fun at Kim’s SKIMS shapewear adverts[/caption]

Nadia has dubbed 40-year-old Kim’s voice over the amusing clip, as she mouths: “So these catsuits I always wear like a lining under my dresses.

“If it’s a long sleeve dress or even under a jumpsuit itself, it really snatches and sucks you in with this power mesh.”

Nadina then rests one leg on a box as Kim can be heard saying: “It has a zipper at the back and then it has a pee hole, so you won’t have to take it off so many times…”

Sharing the video on Instagram, Nadia wrote “#skids….

Nadia dubbed her video with a recording of Kim’s voice[/caption]

This is not the first time she has mocked the star[/caption]


Kim’s SKIMS shapewear range reportedly made her $2million within just minutes of going on sale[/caption]

“@kimkardashian and I are soooooo excittttted that you can now look as beewewwtiful as us in the new #skids catsuit ….

They are just $40000 each and we are happy to announce that YOU my precious followers are invited to join our waiting list to receive yours in March 2022 …

“Love you guys .. I’m sooooo excitedddddd.”

This is not the first time Nadia has recorded her own hilarious version of Kim’s SKIMS shapewear adverts.

Nadia records her videos in the name of body positivity

She wants all women to feel body confident[/caption]

In January, the former EastEnders star wrapped a pair of tights around her boobs before squeezing her bottom half into another pair.

She has also previously dressed up as a Victoria’s Secret Angel too, to mimic the Halloween costume worn by Kim in 2018.

Nadia feels strongly about promoting body positivity and, earlier this year, took aim at Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner while raging against “diet culture”.


Nadia has two teenage daughters with her husband Mark[/caption]

Shaking her cellulite for her Instagram followers, the mum-of-two wrote a lengthy message about a 2016 photo shoot, which featured Kendall and her pal Gigi Hadid with airbrushed knees.

Having only just been made aware of the snap, Nadia seethed: “The brilliant @em_clarkson posted a pic yesterday that truly shocked me! It was of @gigihadid and @kendalljenner and they had, had their knees airbrushed OUT!!!! WTF??

“Are knees now something we are supposed to be ashamed of too!!

“Come 2025 could our daughters be booking in for knee removals for their January new you need body?!!!!

“Don’t laugh??? It seriously could happen? A few years ago bum implants were unthinkable!!!”