Nope, you can’t lose weight by adding lemon to your coffee every day

Over the last month or so more and more people have come to believe that adding lemon juice to a cup of coffee will help shed that extra weight. This is because TikTok and YouTube users have shared countless clips of themselves taking the concoction and showing off their results.

A nutritionist has now slammed the bizarre trend.

Lemon coffee is not the way to a flat belly, says nutritionist

People across the world are struggling with weight loss and will do almost anything to drop a few kilos. The latest weight-loss hack which involves adding lemon to coffee has gone viral as many social media users share clips of how they are using it to trim down.

Judging by the many amazing transformations that we see online, it’s easy to see why so many people are now resorting to the sour drink as an attempt to lose stubborn fat.

According to an article by New Zealand Herald, lemony coffee is not the way to go. Speaking to the publication, health coach and nutrition trainer Heide Hauer shares why this concoction does not work.

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“First, let’s not trick ourselves into believing there is one magic drink for weight loss. This simply doesn’t exist.”

“The most effective and sustainable way to drop pounds is to look at your diet and lifestyle in a holistic way. Instead of putting all your hopes on one drink, focus on reducing sugar in your diet, increasing the number of vegetables, especially green ones, moving regularly, reducing stress, etc.”

She also adds that coffee and lemon both have health benefits but mixing them does not mean they will work better. According to her, it should not be perceived as a one size fits all method as not everyone will have the same results.

“What may work for one person, might even result in the opposite effect for someone else.

“Both lemon and coffee have proven benefits but mixing them together does not translate into even stronger effects.”

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