Processed food addiction with Michael Moss — Diet Doctor Podcast

Processed food addiction with Michael Moss — Diet Doctor Podcast

Is highly processed food addictive? It may or may not be, but it’s clear that the processed food industry is doing everything it can to get you to crave more of its products. It may not be your fault that you can’t eat just one potato chip, but it is within your power to understand why and to learn what you can do about it.

In this interview, Michael Moss explores the main lessons he has learned from his extensive research into the large corporations that dominate the processed food industry.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
2:30 Michael’s motivation in writing his books
7:34 Why the term “addiction” is prevalent in the books
11:05 A message for people with a processed food addiction
17:48 How the food industry takes advantage of emotional overeating
24:37 How the definition of addiction affects our society
30:25 What we can do from a societal level
39:16 Does nutrition labelling make a difference?
42:38 Future hopes in improving our health
50:20 Where to find Michael Moss

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