Pumping pumpkins? Olympic star Usain Bolt shares pre-workout food

Training to compete in the Olympics puts plenty of strain on athletes, mentally and physically. Making sure you have a balanced diet is also important if you want to win that gold medal! Eight-time Olympic medalist Usain Bolt revealed that pumpkins and yams were two of his favourite pre-workout foods. 

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After a lightning career in athletics, Usain Bolt hung up his spikes in 2017. A hamstring injury from 2014 contributed to his retirement, but Bolt finished his career strong with three Gold medals at the 2016 Olympics. After his retirement, the 35-year-old played soccer for the professional Australian team, the Central Coast Mariners Football Club in 2018. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Bolt shared that pumpkins and yams were the main things he would eat before training. Interestingly enough, there are several health benefits to eating pumpkins. 

According to WebMD, pumpkin can sharpen your sight, lower your risk of cancer, lower blood pressure and it can boost your immune system. 

Although some people might confuse yams for sweet potatoes there is a difference. The skin of a yam is bumpy and tough. It is also starchy and can be compared to a potato.


The Olympic record-holder also revealed that carbohydrates were an important source of energy before his high-intensity workout. After working out, he had to take it easy on the carbs. 

“I like dumplings, I love pasta because I have to go gym with enough energy that I burn that off at night.”

“If you start eating dumplings and stuff [in the evening], you put [on] weight. So to avoid that, I just eat vegetables, mainly – maybe some mashed potatoes, but mainly vegetables and just protein, any kind of protein.” 

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Usain Bolt released his debut album with producer NJ titled Country Yutes on Friday 3 September. According to Forbes, the 14-track album debuted on Billboard’s reggae charts. 

He mentioned that his ambition is to be the dancehall equivalent of superstar producer DJ Khaled. The album is a mixture of genres and will cater to all music tastes.

On the single Living The Dream, Bolt said: “We made the song to help inspire young kids, hoping they never give up on their dreams, push through life and dedicate themselves to a craft.” 


Source: thesouthafrican.com