Sumo lunges: Jennifer Lopez shows off toned booty in new swimsuit snap

The American actress, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez recently showed off her toned booty in a new Instagram post.

How J.Lo discovered ‘the fountain youth

The 51-year-old mother of two casually dropped a pic of herself hanging out in a bathing suit.

“#SelfcareSunday,” the actress captioned the casual photo.

Of course, fans are stunned at J.Lo’s beauty which at 51, seems to be glowing.

“You have discovered the fountain of youth. When will you share it with the rest of us?,” one person wrote. “HOW?????????” another user commented. “Treasury house of hotness and beauty LOVE YOU,” another wrote.

J.Lo’s workout routine

Women’s Health reports that J.Lo has made it clear in the past that she works hard to look good. She reportedly cycles through intense workouts and a sticks to a strict diet to help her look her best. In the past, her trainer Dodd Romero said that J.Lo’s usual core workout starts with a set of 50 hanging ab raises, 50 rope crunches, and 50 incline sit-ups with a 45-pound plate. After that first set, she does 35 reps of each, and then 21.

She also works out pretty much every day, telling Us Weekly in 2015 that she “rarely skips a workout.”

J.Lo eats really well, too. “Everything is fresh,” trainer Tracey Anderson told People. “There’s nothing processed–just [protein powder] in a shake if we do a protein shake one day.” What’s more, she “stays away from processed foods and gets her nutrients from whole sources.”

Get the perfect booty by doing Sumo lunges

Trainer David Kirsch, who has worked with J.Lo, told Byrdie that sumo lunges help the singer-actress get a tight and toned butt. (Sumo lunges are basically squats where you do a roundhouse-style kick to the side.) “It’s the perfect butt-shaping, hip reducing, lower half–sculpting manoeuvre,” he said. “It targets the outer thigh and [can help] lift the butt, which seems to be two problem areas for a lot of women.”