The 7 best kettlebells 2021: from cast iron to soft kettlebells

The 7 best kettlebells 2021: from cast iron to soft kettlebells

WEIGHT training can seem daunting at first – but once you’ve found the best kettlebells to work out with, you’ll be swayed.

Kettlebells are a simple, gateway weight that works pretty much every muscle – you can adopt the ‘kettlebell swing,’ or also use your kettlebells for a variety of other exercises like: lunges, squats, sit ups, dead lifts, presses, rows, step ups and much more.

From cast iron to sand-filled, we’ve rounded up the best kettlebells to buy online now

If you’re keen to work out more at home, investing in a kettlebell is a simple way to add an extra dimension to your workout regime – plus it has a ton of all-over-body-benefits while taking up hardly any space.

Studies have found kettlebell swing training can improve performance in weightlifting and powerlifting, increasing strength, force and flexibility.

Ideal for a range of resistance exercises, kettlebells work all muscle groups to create a leaner look, and can even be integrated into a fitness workout you enjoy, like barre or Pilates.

You’ll find kettlebells made from a range of different materials, from cast-iron to soft, sand-filled designs.

You can even invest in a smart kettlebell – the JaxJox Kettlebell Connect – an adjustable kettlebell which also tracks your progress via an app. Welcome to the future of weights.

Fancy a swing? Look no further, as we’ve rounded up the best kettlebells on the market below for your perusal.

Where to buy a kettlebell

Kettlebells, like all home fitness equipment, are in high demand right now, so some of the options we’ve included in this list may no longer be in stock.

So if you can’t find what you’re looking for, have a look at the retailers below to find an item that’s in stock.

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1. Best adjustable kettlebell: ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set

As this starts from 3kg, it’s great for beginners, too

  1. (AD) ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set, £99.99 from Amazon – buy here

If you can already predict that you’ll need a variation of weights to train with during your home-workouts, then an adjustable kettlebell is probably the way forward.

This option by ISOGYM, on Amazon, seems pricy at first – available for around £100 – but it can vary between three and 18kgs, so saves you heaps of money in the long run as you won’t need to keep buying weights.

It’s simple to use when varying between the different loads, and there’s a safe-lock mechanism to give that extra security – so no need to worry about them slipping out onto your toe.

A nifty addition to this design is the rubber sole on the kettlebell, so there’s no risk of scratching up your floors when popping it down.

We also think that this is ideal for beginners as 3kg is a good gateway to practising weight training.

2. Best cast iron: PROIRON Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight

Find yourself a solid, trustworthy weight

  1. (AD) PROIRON Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight, £19.99 from Amazon – buy here

PROIRON is a reliable brand when it comes to well-made, well-priced, home gym kit.

This cast iron kettlebell is coated in paint for improved durability, and has a wide, textured handle for easy gripping – and cashes in at around £20, so super affordable.

They’re available on Amazon in different sizes, varying from 4kg to 24kg and are great for indoor home-workouts or outdoor park training seshes.

They’re entirely made out of solid cast iron, so there’s no rubber, silicone or plastic handles that could break or suffer wear and tear.

3. Best dumbbell-to-kettlebell converter: Kettle Gryp Kettlebell

best kettlebells
The Kettle Gryp is a handy piece of kit that turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell
Amazon UK

  1. (AD) Kettle Gryp Kettlebell, for £34.95 on Amazon – buy here

If you already have dumbbells and aren’t sure you want to invest in kettlebells as well, then, no fear – the Kettle Gryp is here to help.

It can hold most standard dumbbells up to 25kg so they can be transformed into a kettlebell, and it weighs less than half a kilo meaning it’s super portable and can easily be bunged into your gym bag to shake up your next workout.

Simply open the Kettle Gryp, clip the dumbbell into the circular groove, and click the safety latch – it’s that easy and may just transform your usual weightlifting regime.

4. Best neoprene coated: Body Revolution Neoprene Kettlebell

best kettlebells
These neoprene-coated kettlebells are colour coded by weight
Amazon UK

  1. (AD) Body Revolution Neoprene Kettlebell, from £24.99 at Amazon – buy here

Style meets function in Body Revolution’s neoprene-coated, cast iron kettlebells.

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber, and these cast iron weights are coated in it to minimise noise and protect your floor, as well as help you stay secure with its non-slip grip.

The design is colour coded by weight, and go from 4kg to 24kg – we love the rainbow colour range and think we might just skip the lifting, and let them sit looking pretty in our lounge…

5. Best vinyl-coated: UK Fitness Kettlebell Set Vinyl

These colour-coded kettles start from 2kg and are ideal for beginners

  1. (AD) UK Fitness Kettlebell Set Vinyl, £39.99 from Amazon – buy here

These colour-coded vinyl-encased kettlebells have a non-slip base, ergonomic handle, and the vinyl coating will protect them if they’re dropped.

They go from 2kg to 8kg, so are an ideal set for a beginner who wants to work on their swing.

What’s more, is that for under £40 you get four durable kettlebells and a handy workout DVD which instructs you step-by-step on how to do 20 different, but muscle-enhancing, kettlebells moves.

6. Best soft kettlebells: Khroom Sport Soft Kettlebell

best kettlebells
These sand-filled kettlebells are a soft alternative to iron ones
Amazon UK

  1. (AD) Khroom Sport Soft Kettlebell from £14.99 on Amazon – buy here

If you’re worried about the damage you could potentially do to your home (or feet) with 5kg of cast iron kettlebell, then a soft kettlebell may be the best option for you.

Khroom’s neoprene and sand-filled design allows you to play around with how you use it.

This soft kettlebell can also minimise the risk of injury for beginners, and allows for no nasties if accidentally dropped while you’re trying to perfect your swing.

7. Best DIY kettlebell: DryBell Heavy Duty Portable Kettlebell

Fill with whatever you want – sand, water, soybeans…

  1. DryBell Heavy Duty Portable Kettlebell, £19.99 from Amazon – buy here

Now this kettlebell is a little different but perhaps ideal for those who do a lot of beach workouts (the dream!).

The DryBell comes, you guessed it, dry – it’s empty and ready for you to fill yourself, with sand, soybeans or even water.

The inner has weight measures so you can easily pour in the right amount of material best for your workout goals – and the handle can be removed for filling, then double-wrapped for a non-slip, sturdy grip.

When done, if you’re at the beach, simply pour out the sand, roll up and chuck in your gym bag, backpack or suitcase – so it’s ideal for travelling.

DryBell do recommend filling the bag with a bin liner first if you fancy using water as part of your workout.


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