The Beauty of MD Codes™

The Beauty of MD Codes™

Imagine a non-surgical solution where each aesthetic facial unit (e.g. cheek, chin, lips etc.) comprises subunits that must be respected during injection. These subunits – the MD Codes™ – are the structural sites that will create or recreate the most desirable natural facial architecture for patients.

By introducing the MD Codes™, better facial aesthetic treatment plans and a more comprehensive understanding of the complexity of the human face, is achieved.

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As our faces age, they naturally lose volume due to the breakdown of collagen and volume loss. It’s this vital protein and fat pockets that gives our skin its structure. What we see staring back in the mirror as the years tick by is often a sunken-in appearance rather than a complexion with youthful bounce thanks to elasticity in the skin. Selecting the MD Codes™ technique means planning what exactly your skin needs to regain volume and structure once more.

A personalised approach

At Skin Renewal, we carefully consider every patient’s skin when advising results-driven MD Codes™ to solve the realities of ageing and its concerns. Our stellar medical aesthetic team explore the best ways to overhaul the look of your skin by working with your individual features. Your skin and facial structure will be thoroughly assessed – think of it as an investigative facial interactive experience – with your skeletal structure, personalised muscle movement and aesthetic goals mapped out with your doctor. The same method may be used with MD Codes™, but the treatment performed is a tailor-made approach. Your plan is as unique as you are!

Let’s get down to business

Part of the MD Codes™ technique is dermal volumisers like HA filler treatments. This means those areas notoriously associated with ageing can be reshaped. Is your jawline worrying you? HA filler treatments can re-sculpt this area by reducing the look of tell-tale jowls with sagging skin. And by investing in the MD Codes™ approach, you’re not simply having volumiser injected, you are holistically considering the rest of your face’s architecture. It means not only a better understanding of your particular face shape and skin but, of course, better results for you too.

You might feel now’s the time to enhance your eye area, or increase volume lost in your face.

In fact, trends in eye shapes (for a more cat-eye or almond eye effect) can be a strategically placed injection away. Charge that up with the smarts of MD Codes™, and you have the power couple in anti-ageing treatment. And that’s a beautiful thing!

Skin Renewal’s medical aesthetic team is always ready and waiting to discuss any skin treatment queries you may have about our available injectable treatments and options.

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