The best exercise for health – Diet Doctor Podcast

The best exercise for health – Diet Doctor Podcast

Exercise can be an important component of overall health and healthy weight loss. But which type is better? Does traditional cardio really burn more fat? Or, is interval training the best for fat loss? And what does interval training even mean? Plus, if you’re fit, does that mean you are healthy?

In this episode, we cover these topics and more with leading HIIT researcher Martin Gibala, PhD, and leading aerobic exercise proponent Phil Maffetone, founder of the MAF Method.

Table of contents:
0:00 Introduction
2:25 Phil Maffetone
3:42 Aerobic trainings for health and fitness
9:45 The general advice for exercise progression
18:39 The correlation of exercise and fat mass
24:41 About ketosis, fat burning and exercise
28:49 The intersection among food, training and unhealthy athletes
38:54 About Phil Maffetone’s research
40:53 Martin Gibala, PhD
41:38 High-intensity interval training (HIIT) for health
49:46 Minimum recommendation for a HIIT duration
56:42 About overtraining, after-burn effect, and fat burning
1:04:18 Avoiding overtraining and the importance of exercise metrics
1:10:22 The relationship between glucose and insulin
1:12:41 Conclusion

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