They’re back! Wine Wednesdays SA to relaunch with food, wine, and all things Latin America at Durban’s Sabroso restaurant

They’re back! Wine Wednesdays SA to relaunch with food, wine, and all things Latin America at Durban’s Sabroso restaurant

Preparations are in progress for the return of Wine Wednesdays SA, a concept filled with food, wine, live music, and all things Latin America in 2021.

The team will be getting together with everyone they started with on September 29, as they will be relaunching at a new spot, Sabroso on Florida Road in Morningside.

Sabroso is a celebration of the flavours, exuberance and culinary traditions of South America, from the fiery feasts of Mexico in the north to the legendary steaks of Argentina in the south.

Their menu features inventive dishes inspired by the cuisines of Latin America using fresh, local, and seasonal produce, with a unique approach to dining, complemented by a well-paired wine selection and cocktail list.

Wine Wednesdays SA is a concept that was started by Lindokuhle Buthelezi at Zorka Lounge on Florida Road four years ago.

In a recent interview, Buthelezi said when he started the concept, it was because of the unnecessary pressure that was being created by expensive drinks that restricted many people from going out to have fun. He wanted to debunk the myth that wine was a bourgeois beverage.

“Some people cannot buy their favourite drinks at a club or any entertainment venue and relax and enjoy. So, with Wine Wednesdays, I wanted to find a way to accommodate people to have fun with the little that they have, and wine is one of the most affordable beverages you can come across,” he said.

Wine Wednesdays have become a thing almost everywhere, and it’s all about people celebrating wine while being entertained. As someone who has attended a lot of these, what I like about Wine Wednesdays is that it’s not promoting an overindulgence of drinking but rather pouring a glass of your favourite wine, putting your feet up, and enjoying the music. If you have never been to Wine Wednesdays, here is why you have to.

Food & wine pairings

As a wine lover, you don’t have to struggle on how to pair your wine with food, and Wine Wednesdays allow you to choose the right food and wine pairing choice for your palette, of course, with the help of wine connoisseurs on site.

These people don’t know your taste, but they will give you an objective way to guess what might be the best taste for you and at the right price for your wallet.

Spend less money

On Wine Wednesdays, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Good wine does not necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. Once you get to experience the level of sweetness, bitterness, balance, or fruitiness of any wine and like it, that’s the wine for you, take it! Not everything that’s expensive tastes good.

You made it through the day; meet people and have fun.

You deserve a moment to treat yourself. What better way to relax than a glass of wine? Wine Wednesdays create a friendly atmosphere, space, and time for everyone to mingle and make new friends, and also as a business person or as an artist, it’s a great platform to sell yourself or your business. It’s all about socialising.

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