Third dose of Pfizer jab? Here’s why it could become a must

Several countries have begun to administer or are currently talking about offering booster shots for those who have already been vaccinated.  

Data from Israel, where booster shots are already being locally administered — much to the dismay of health authorities at the World Health Organisation (WHO), who state that numerous countries have not yet even been able to offer their nationals a first dose of the vaccine — indicate that a third dose of a vaccine is necessary to improve protection.


According to BusinessTech, a preliminary analysis of data from Maccabi Healthcare Services found that vaccinated people who received a third dose, had 48% to 68% lower risk of infection a week to 13 days later, compared to those who received just the standard two-dose vaccine.   

Research reveals that a third shot of the Pfizer Inc-BioNTech SE Covid vaccine provides added protection against the coronavirus during a delta outbreak.

According to the data, the protection increased with time, with a 70% to 84% reduction in risk of testing positive 14 to 20 days after getting a third dose of the vaccine.


The research released ahead of peer-review and publication, assessed the additional efficacy of a booster shot against infection caused by the delta variant, but not by severe disease.

According to the researchers at the Yale School of Public Health in Connecticut (US), led by associate professor of epidemiology, Daniel Weinberger, the findings indicate that a reduction of vaccine-induced protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection may be counteracted in the short term by a third dose or booster jab.

“As more time elapses, it will be possible to evaluate the effects on more rare but severe outcomes, such as hospitalisation and death,” the researchers said. Further monitoring is needed to determine how long immunity from the booster lasts, they added.

UK and US also plan to administer booster shots

Israel made remarkable progress in speedily vaccinating its population. The country has, however, once again been reporting record numbers of daily infections, which gives fresh impetus to its vaccine booster drive.

The United States, United Kingdom and various other countries have also announced plans to administer booster shots to vaccinated individuals, to counter the more infectious delta variant since antibody levels deteriorate in those who have been previously vaccinated.