To pee or not to pee? Urologist reacts to TikTok clip about shower sprinkles

It’s a practise that many people are guilty of – peeing in the shower. And now a viral TikTok video has warned of the health risks associated with it.

But is the bad habit no big deal or are there real physical dangers to it?


According to a video that went viral on TikTok last month, Dr Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas claimed that urinating in the shower can result in incontinence amoungst other things.

“If you pee in the shower or turn on the faucet or turn on the shower and then sit on the toilet to pee while the water’s running, you’re creating an association in your brain between the sound of running water and having to pee,” she said in the clip .

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The pelvic floor physiotherapist also claims that the habit is particularly worse for females, who are “not designed to pee standing up”.

She added: “Your pelvic floor isn’t going to relax appropriately, which means that you aren’t really going to be emptying your bladder super well,” she explained.


But despite the alarming nature of Dr Alicia’s TikTok video, another expert has weighed in, debunking the theory altogether.

Urologist Dr Jay Khastgir claims that whilst several theories surrounding incontinence are at play, there is no one confirmed cause behind it.

He told Mail Online’s Femail: “The association with environmental factors such as the sound or feel of running water or entering their front door (latchkey incontinence) is anecdotal.

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“It may suggest subconscious associations that interference with nerve pathways that ‘buffer’ between stimulus and response. But in reality, there is little or no evidence that urgency incontinence may be caused by habitually urinating in the shower.’

Jay also claimed that there are no real health risks for women when it comes to peeing in the shower.

He added: “’There is no evidence that it has a detrimental effect on bladder emptying. In one study the flow was weaker when standing but the bladder emptying was no different between the standing and sitting or crouching position.”