Tucker Goodrich & Dr Berry Question the Safety of Canola & Soybean Oil

Tucker Goodrich & Dr Berry Question the Safety of Canola & Soybean Oil

Tucker Goodrich is a technology executive in the financial industry who designs, runs, and debugs complex systems in high-risk environments. Areas of expertise include risk management, systems management, and cyber-security.
After experiencing some personal health crises and realizing that the ‘solutions’ offered by medical professionals weren’t working or addressing causation he started applying the same approach in research and evaluation of data to his own health issues to determine root causes.
His interests have focused on dietary and environmental drivers of chronic disease, including carbohydrate, wheat, and various classes of fats. Specifically, he’s attempting to understand and popularize understanding of the mechanisms driving the diet-derived explosion in so-called chronic diseases (or diseases of civilization). He is active on twitter.com/tuckergoodrich, has a blog https://yelling-stop.blogspot.com/ Tucker is an Expert Advisor for the nutrition start-up Nutrita and a stealth food startup, and has been a guest on numerous podcasts.

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