Vaccine registration: Elderly without internet urged to sign up at libraries

The City of Cape Town is encouraging residents aged 60 or older who do not have access to internet connectivity and Wi-Fi to take advantage of its facilities to sign up for vaccination. The electronic vaccine data system (EVDS) opened for elderly South Africans on 16 April 2021.


The electronic vaccine registration system is now open to all elderly South African residents but the City of Cape said it is aware of the barriers that may prevent some from registering. Many elderly citizens do not have internet-enabled devices or might find the registration process difficult to understand.

Therefore, to ensure “equitable access”, the City is encouraging residents to make use of its public facilities, especially libraries, to register for the vaccine. There are 55 Wi-Fi enabled libraries across Cape Town where residents can register using their own devices or the computers available.

The city said it engaged with national and provincial government about the need for communal registration for people who do not have access to cellphones and added that it is investigating further interventions to make vaccine registration easier.

“We want to invite community groups, including neighbourhood watches and Women for Change, to utilise these sites to register vulnerable persons, on the understanding that they will arrange for ongoing communication with those registered regarding appointment times,” said the City Mayco Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Zahid Badroodien.

Each person signing up for the vaccine will need to have an ID number and access to a cellphone number where they can receive appointment details.


World Immunisation Week is a global campaign organised by the World Health Organization (WHO), which hopes to drive home how important vaccines are, as they have slashed child mortality rates in half and saved millions of lives.

The City said it wants to make residents aware of the services available to them this week and reminded parents that clinics are open for all childhood immunisations. These trips to the clinic are vital as they protect children against preventable diseases that may be fatal or delay childhood development.

“Vaccines are not a magical weapon, but they help us progress and safeguard those who are most vulnerable,” said Badroodien.

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