Why we need muscle with Stuart Phillips, PhD — Diet Doctor Podcast

Why we need muscle with Stuart Phillips, PhD — Diet Doctor Podcast

Developing and maintaining muscle mass could be the key to living vibrantly and extending healthspan. In this episode, Stuart Phillips, PhD, helps us understand why muscle is so important and the best ways to develop healthy muscle. We explore practical tips for resistance training, the role of protein, and questions surrounding protein intake and longevity.

Phillips is an expert in both the science and the practical application of the best tools to improve your muscle mass and improve your health. His expertise will help you learn how to get started building muscle today.

Table of contents:
0:00 Introduction
2:17 Welcome, Prof. Stuart Phillips
7:14 Why is muscle health so important?
14:35 The types of exercise to maximize metabolic health
19:11 The interplay between nutrition and exercise
25:03 More protein content for muscle stimulation?
36:49 Protein from real food vs supplement for health benefit
40:33 The concern with more protein for muscle benefit and longevity
48:08 About Prof. Phillips’ upcoming research
50:28 Considerations for animal vs plant protein for muscle health
58:37 Conclusion and where to find Prof. Stuart Phillips

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