Woolies parody account is at it again and this time it will not rest: ’You are just poor’

Woolies parody account is at it again and this time it will not rest: ’You are just poor’

The thing about parody accounts is that they resemble the real thing to such an extent that many are fooled into thinking that, well, it is the real thing.

One such account is Woolworst SA. Started in September 2015, its aim is to confuse and upset the masses with a tagline that reads: “We’re a passionate South African parody retailer dedicated to bringing you white privilege, snark & vanity.”

In the past few months, Woolies customers have been tweeting the retailer with either glowing reviews or complaints. And what Woolworst SA has been doing is adding a spanner in the works by responding directly to these tweets, sometimes leading to the most hilarious responses.

Nine times out of 10, said customer takes offence and only realises afterwards that it’s a parody account.

The latest incident proves once again its very dry sense of humour with its response to a disgruntled customer. Tweeting Woolworst SA directly, it’s unsure if they are aware that is not the official Woolworths account, tweeting: “@WOOLWORST_SA

“the prices at Woolies food in Namibia is almost double the price of what it is in South Africa???? It’s daylight robbery”.

Causing much insult to injury, they jump right in by spelling the online user’s name incorrectly by calling him Ryan.

“Hi Ryan,

“Salaries in Namibia are half of the salaries in South Africa. So Woolies is not expensive, you are just poor.

“Be blessed.”

The tweet appeared to rub many up the wrong way, and it took a hot second before realising the joke was on them.

Check out some of the funny responses below:

A few weeks ago, the spoof account tricked another customer into thinking they were responding to the real deal, only to have the poor woman thinking she got an employee fired.